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Reykjavik is a GHOST TOWN.

24 Aug

Seriously. You’ll see when I post a video. There is, like, NO ONE here.

It’s 1pm local time and I’ve been here since 5-something am local time. I depart for London in 3 hours and just thinking and typing this gives my butterflies of excitement and brings a smile to my face. SQUEEEE. It started out as a ROUGH morning. Just ask Chelsea. I was chatting with her and I was CRANKY. The food-selly places don’t accept pounds and I only had enough available on my Mastercard to buy a croissant and a soy latte, which was fine because that’s all I wanted for breakfast, and I got a free bottle of water, but that was a LONG time ago. I’ve been savoring the croissant. I still have a couple bites left. I decided I’d rather be a little bit hungry in the afternoon and buy something on the plane with the cash I have rather than exchange some of it at the little airport money-exchange booths with the ridiculous fees. It’s working out fine.

On the flight here I tried an Icelandic beer. “Gull”. I should have guessed by it’s name but it was not delicious. And I developed a migraine soon after. Coincidence? Methinks not. (The latte and croissant killed the migraine:]). I have no idea what the evening has in store. I kind of like it that way. Although one thing is for certain, it must involve food.

It’s been actually pretty relaxing being here alone and having quiet time and working on a few little things and THANK GOD I had enough credit to buy internet and my adapter works and everything. I mean, this is the sort of thing I did lots of days all summer only I felt stressed and guilty because I should have been working on, well, work. Right now there’s no guilt. No stress. And it’s just so relaxing. I already feel like I’ve had a vacation.

Well, I think I’m gonna work on making a transition of some sort for #hotnerdsexy  and it’s only about an hour and 40 minutes until I’m going to head up to my gate to wait for my boarding call. Then, LONDON, HO!

Until tomorrow!


From Iceland with love ❤



23 Aug

Currently in line for Icelandair checkin. Departing Halifax in less than 2 hours. Just realized I’m flying into a 24 hour daylight zone. Another first. I’d make longer sentences but my brain is on kfdrhyugrefgrefu,!! mode. I hope my luggage isn’t too heavy. There are only 3 more groups ahead of me and 3 checking stations open. AND NOW I’M NEXT!!! Are you enjoying my thought process? I thought so. I hope my adapters work so I can EDIT on my layover. OMG I’M NEXT. Randall just finished the first shift at his new job and he’s on his way to see me off now. His mama drove me here. Because she’s awesome. OK. Checked in and luggage en route to Heathrow. Found a bench in the center of the airport and waiting for Randall. I hope he has money on him for parking. Nope. Good thing I do ;P Last few mins with Randy before I go through to my departure gate (picture below). Ok. Through security and waiting to depart. I’m excited but my earrings hurt. Ah. Better. Okay I’m getting properly excited now. Sorry this has been such a shit post. The adventure is just beginning so I hope to keep you up to date with the happenings and my observations over the next couple of weeks. Well my flight is about to board so I better get my things in order. Talk to you all later from ICELAND!

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Flight in T-26 hours.

22 Aug

Holy crap. I’m boarding a plane tomorrow night. Getting to Iceland early Tuesday morning, and departing for England 11 hours later. I will be in London at 8pm local time Tuesday night. It still hasn’t quite set in.
I don’t know about you, but I’m the type that doesn’t get noticeably excited about things until the very last minute. A lot of times this leads to people thinking that I’m not really looking forward to something or that I’m really not excited. It’s not that at all, it’s just that I don’t express this like people might expect. Sometimes I find myself forcing “Yayyyy I’m so pumped!!!!” just so people don’t think I’m apathetic or unappreciative. Like if someone is doing something for me, I want them to see that I’m very excited but if I don’t externalize it… You catch my drift?
I’m thinking my outward excitement and flailing and bouncing and manic smiling will begin while I’m in the air about an hour and a half from London. Although writing this has gotten me a little more bouncy irl 🙂
Until tomorrow, kittens.

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What a day.

21 Aug

Bar last night = awesome dancing happy fun times = slowish start this morning.

Had to run a million errands, make lunch, then get Randall to work. The directions he was given were wrong and we couldn’t find the place. Then we got a flat. In the middle of nowhere. Thankfully, a bunch of his coworkers went by and played pit crew. I was just very embarrassed to the that girl who couldn’t change a tire. At least now I know how, right? Right?? I mean, I’ve only been driving for seven years… :s

So. Ran a million more errands on the way home from taking Randall to work, dyed my hair, and now I have 2 hours to pack everything for England and clean my apartment before I have to leave to pick Randall up from work and head out to the cottage when he’s off at midnight.

Sorry for another shit post. I’m just out of time and I refuse to fail at BEDA. Tomorrow probably won’t be any better. But MONDAY should be 🙂

Until tomorrow!



20 Aug

OK so I have about 5 minutes until I get picked up to go out on a Harbour Cruise with the guys but JOHN GREEN MENTIONED THE GUIDE TO NERDFIGHTING IN HIS NEW VIDEO!!!!

Okay home weinies. I’m off!

PS – This is the point where my posts will be dodgy for the rest of the month. Packed weekend, then 2 days of travel, then England til Sept 6. GAH! YAY!

Too hot to blog.

19 Aug

Unpictured grub: Bananas and granola in rice milk again. Lunch: hummus and crackers. Too hot to cook. Dinner: –. Too hot to eat.

Ladies and gents. It is 28/82.4 degrees, depending on your system, in my apartment. We have no air conditioner or ceiling fans. I’m sitting right in front of a fan I’ve set on the coffee table. It’s not helping. I’m wearing a tank top and a short skirt. Not helping. I’m rushing and running around working, vlogging, getting laundry change, doing laundry, working, preparing for the #hotnerdsexy recording tonight, doing laundry, blogging, etc. NOT HELPING.

It’s like I’m in freaking Aflsklvœ®©m //mpmg//…xxz————

We interrupt this blog to inform you that Meg has melted into a puddle. We are certain that she wishes to let you all know that she loves you and will be back with you after we rehabilitate her. Any donations of ice cold iced tea are gratefully welcomed.

Until tomorrow.

xo <– Is that what she usually says? Oh fuck it. We don’t care.

I don’t get it.

18 Aug

Ok. Food. Breakfast: Bananas and granola crunch cereal in rice milk:

Dinner: The other half of last night’s veggie burger, the rest of last night’s veggies, and baked potato wedges:

I don’t really have a lot to say today. I wrote my end-of-summer report for work. Lengthier than I imagined at about 1500 words. I figured about 750. Oh well, at least it makes it seem like I did a lot. I guess I did, but not for nine weeks of full-time employment. I don’t feel like I did enough, but I also was given next to NO instruction or direction or tasks for the whole summer and had to just make my own work. Which would have been fine if I’d received training or a briefing about the association or even a crash course in their website’s content management system before being thrown the duty of… well, something or other to do with the website. That was pretty much the extent of the information I was given.

It was weird writing it. Thinking back to what I’ve done all summer and writing so conclusively when I’m still not done. Hard to explain, but very odd. I apologize if I’m not making much sense. I’m also watching Sam’s blogtv show at the moment lol. Also, I keep seeing that picture of my homemade potato wedges and it’s making me REALLY want some. They were so good.

What was I saying? I don’t remember. In any case, tomorrow is recording Thursday for the #hotnerdsexy podcast that I do with Chelsea for our first official podcast. If you listened to the pilot/figuringstuffout episode last week, THANK YOU! You’re awesome <3. Next week’s will be slightly shorter and hopefully we’ll have things a little more figured out 🙂 I’m feeling a lot better about it. Two weeks ago, when we recorded the pilot, I was having one of the worst days I remember having. I was angry and hurt and upset to the point of shaking, and feeling like I was having an out-of-body experience so really it can only go up from there for me, right? Haha.

Hmm. I don’t have anything else to say so I’ll leave you with one of my favorite events of the day. My barricade to stop any rogue fruit flies from potentially getting into my beer bottle was a Michael Jackson fan card from the 1980s. He used to be pretty hot:

So that’s that. What did I title this motherfucker anyway? Oh. “I don’t get it.” Well, that too. I saw some tweets and blogs (not blogs of people I know) and new stories today that made me roll my eyes and think “REALLY??” Things like Twittascope and GROUND ZERO MOSQUE and ugggh. Okay. A whole other topic completely. Oh yeah, I just remembered there was something I left out of yesterday’s blog so I could write about it today. I don’t remember what it is. Meh.

Until tomorrow!!


Last minute BEDA!

17 Aug

OKAY 15 minutes of today left to make a post!

Return of the food pics!:

Veggie/grain burger with salsa/ketchup on whole grain toast, mixed veggies, and homemade baked sweet potato fries! I know it looks gross but SO GOOD!

Okay I got distracted with skype and Eliza Dushku (new star of my desktop 😛 ) and now I have 10 minutes left haha. I don’t really have anything to say. I jsut got off a 2 or 3 hour skype call with Chelsea and she suggested a stream of consciousness ramble so that’s basically what you’re getting here. I bet you’re STOKED you decided to read this.

OH, I know!

Okay so if you’re reading this (not you Chelsea) I ned your help! I need short little audio clips ( recordings are just fin, and you can just sign in on it with your Twitter account) of you saying random nerdy things. A word, a phrase, a short sentence. Doesn’t have to be nerdfighter specific or even epically geeky or anything, but I need some clips haha. If you could do this for me I would be very very thankful 🙂 Send the clips or links to your boos (LOL) to

Dear Lucy,

I enjoy that you don’t sleep. It means you are always around for me to chat with. But it also means that I now only have 2 minutes to post this blog haha. It’s okay, you’re forgiven. And what was that about #hotnerdsexy and body paint? ;P -Meg xx

So! That being said, I guess I better get to posting! Ooh but one last thing! Ah, never mind, I’ll blog it tomorrow! 🙂

Until then!


Duh-rama, drama drama.

16 Aug

So yesterday I promised a good, legitimate blog post today. This isn’t going to be one of those.

I had an idea earlier of something I could write about that would be more interesting and important than the events of my day, but I forget what it is now. I also have been failing at food pics but, to be fair, I was at the cottage all weekend and all semblance of structure pretty much dies there (as it should, I think). I DID have a lovely relaxing weekend though.

Hmm… what to talk about. Well, I have a long list of things I could talk about on the #hotnerdsexy podcast. Far more than there will be time for. Perhaps I’ll throw one in here now. Ah yes, okay this one will do. Go read it. Go now (but come back!).

Okay, this is a topic that makes me feel ranty (fair warning: check.). My whole life I’ve never really had to deal with drama, with very few exceptions. And those exceptions, surprise surprise, have been with people who spread drama like guidos spread, well, take your pick. I enjoy stories. Obviously. We all do in some way. Some prefer more realistic fiction some prefer impossible fantasies, but the problem is that none of it is real life. No matter how good of a job the director does at passing it off as such.

So like I said, I enjoy stories, but I’ve never really felt really passionate about their plots. I’ve never tried to force a book or tv show onto my life to understand reality; I’ve never been one to have great expectations for a happy or dramatic ending (with some exceptions of course, I’m only human) and I believe subsequently I’ve been able to avoid a whole lot of drama, petty fights, and generally stupid, childish situations. I feel justly aware that my life is nothing special in the grand scheme of things, not too good, not too bad, and certainly not comparable to those created to market and entertain.

I’m not trying to toot my own horn here, so to speak, but I do think that Kurt Vonnegut has made a pretty good observations, based on my experience in comparison to those of the handful of people I mentioned above. What do you think? When things happen in your life do you compare them to the movies or your favorite tv shows? Do you think that’s a ridiculous pastime? From my personal observations, I believe it can only cause unnecessary drama, but I’m always open to other opinions. What are yours?

Until tomorrow, kittens!



15 Aug

At this point I’m just hoping my mobile app is working. Today was EXHAUSTING. I didn’t do a lot physically but was out in the sun boating, swimming, chatting etc. all day. We got up early so our friend Geoff could try waterskiing, then I played photographer while Ran and his dad skied. Pics to come.
It was also Ran’s grandmother’s birthday so there was a family gathering here and so much food. 3 beean salad ftw. Also, corn on the cob. Nom.
Sunce I’ve been slacking on the blog posts these days, I will leave you with a treat (which probably half of you have seen but… EPIC.):
Proper blog post tomorrow!

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