So much facepalm.

4 Aug

Disclaimers: Sorry for the likely abundance of typos and errors. Too busy to proof.

I just got off the phone with my boyfriend (he’s thinking of blogging, go encourage him :]), and he informed me of an event he is working at called Summer Rush. Neither of us had heard of it but we looked it up and it turns out it’s an all-day concert put on by one of the local top 40 stations. We both reacted, more or less, with OH GOD! WORST! But THEN we looked at the lineup. I immediately started laughing at his expense. He is rather particular in his taste of music and quite fond of complex, intelligent, and fun music, by artists who really fucking know what they’re doing (like Anthrax or Bela Fleck. Or Dream Theater #nomnomnom) So I think, because I’m a douchebag like that, that it’s HILARIOUS that he will have to listen to the following. Alllll day. Heh. (Sorry Ran. You know I love you.)

Summer Rush lineup: Hedley, Jay Sean, LMFAO, Stereos, Down with Webster, Kardinal Offishall, Ricky J, Girlicious, Faber Drive, Lil Jon.

I looked up one or two of these and this was the first I discovered of Lil Jon:

Like seriously. Bahaha. Have fun Randall.

The fact that THIS is a significant part of a big all-day event that people are PAYING to go see makes me sad for humanity.

Additional things that have the same effect:

The first episode of Jersey Shore – I specify first s that’s all I could force myself to watch. I lived there for a summer and wanted to see if the show took place close by. It did. I used to go to the boardwalk they work at in the town they live in. But they are NOT a representative sample of the Seaside Heights population. lol. One minute unto the show and I wanted to cut myself.

Kanye West – Just… ugh.

Forms that ask me for my “gender” – Seriously. It’s a lot more offensive/controversial/inappropriate to ask me to check male or female as my gender than as my sex.

Straight teenaged girls whose portrayed purpose in life is to gain the attention of straight teenaged guys. – See entry on Jersey Shore or the scantily clad females at the local Jr/Sr high.

Literalist Christians – ie Sad Brad (and see him pwned by Sam here.)

Self righteous atheists – For the same reason as the above item.

People who can’t be bothered to acknowledge a world outside their own little bubble – I feel it’s unnecessary to explain this one further.

Well, that turned pessimistic really quickly didn’t it? Sorry about that. I’m really more of an optimist and it was actually REALLY difficult to come up with even that many things that make me have a sad outlook on our species. In all seriousness I think there is FAR more evidence for the opposite and I have a rather hopeful outlook on humanity. Yay, go us!

Sorry for the short, shit blog post. I’ve been doing a million things all day and somehow feel I’ve accomplished nothing. One of those days I suppose. Back to work for me! See you tomorrow with something better 🙂

xx Meg

APPENDAGE: Just as I’m talking about being hopeful about the future of humankind PROPOSITION 8 IS OVERTURNED! I am SO HAPPY! I’m going to put this shirt on for a final wear in celebration (it says Legalize Gay, Repeal Prop 8 Now):


2 Responses to “So much facepalm.”

  1. Chelsea August 5, 2010 at 3:57 am #

    the self-righteous PERIOD piss me off. can we just eradicate them? that would be so nice!
    and the pedophiles. we’ll get rid of the self-righteous and the pedophiles and then all will be right with the world. well, maybe not everything, but we’ll have taken a large step in the right direction.
    that was a little violent wasn’t it? “kill them all! off with their heads!”
    and i am also so glad, and so relieved that Prop 8 is finally done for. i’m just so mad that such a thing ever existed, let alone was PASSED!!! ugh!
    i hope you caught up on your work today! 😀 SOOOO excited for tomorrow! yay! 😀

  2. Lydia :) August 5, 2010 at 9:27 pm #

    1. AHAHAHAHA. Poor Randall. AHAHAHAHA!
    2. All I know about Jersey Shore is what’s been parodied on SNL’s Weekend Update. And that’s more than enough for me.
    3. Ima let me finish this, but Chelsea had one of the best comments on this post OF ALL TIME.
    4. SRSLY. When will the world learn that SEX is biological and GENDER is cultural? Gender is a sliding scale that changes ALL the time. Like, today. I was probably on the more masculine end of the scale today with my unshaven legs and post-sandwich napfest on the couch. Also, when will the boxes be expanded from M and F? What if you’re intersexed? I’d be so pissed off at CONSTANTLY being left out.
    5. I hated those girls then and I hate them now.
    6. Just…STFU you assholes.
    7. Just…STFU you assholes. This one makes me really mad, because personally, no I don’t believe in god and I guess that makes me an atheist. But I respect other people’s beliefs and I’m not going to get in your face about mine. Just like I don’t want you getting in my face with your beliefs. WHY CAN’T WE JUST GET ALONG!?
    8. I want to be all, “Take the blinders off, babe!” or just punch them in the face.

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