Another quick phone BEDA.

7 Aug

Update: Just realize this post didn’t actually publish yesterday so apparently this first line is a LIE:

So I did manage to update my WordPress app and voila. Here I am with more than a 2 minute blog.

Last night was a redneck party, complete with door prizes (I won a Penis Colada–the strongest pina colada I’ve ever had with a penis straw. I also had to take a spot in the hot seat and drink from the straw.) You might have seen some of the pics on Twitter last night, I’ll add them to a post when I get back home.

Right now I’m lying on a lounger on a deck on a private lake. Its a little windy but still fucking brilliant. Despite my being hungover as hell. Damn penis colada. It’s so nice being here with my friends though. I hate not having close friends in my own city.

Tonight we’re going to a “street dance”. I’m not sure what to expect but a band that plays 60s tunes, a restaurant serving shots of booze in beer cups out their front window, and a bathtub full of ice and bottles of soda to pour your own mix. This weekend is the epitome of things you just can’t get in the city. Making fun a rather fun break.

I head back to Halifax tomorrow and will be back at my computer and, well, alone, and hopefully able to write a legit blog post that’s not all “This is what I did today!”

Ugh. Feel gross. Must go.

Until tomorrow!

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One Response to “Another quick phone BEDA.”

  1. Lydia :) August 10, 2010 at 2:22 am #

    “It’s a little windy but still fucking brilliant. Despite my being hungover as hell.” <– This is a prime example of why I like you.

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