Weekends in the sticks.

9 Aug

Okay so first of all, after yesterday’s post I did manage to get out of my creative slump and I made this:

And today, I will tell–nay, show you how one rolls in rural Nova Scotia. I left Friday with my friend Jon and we drove through BEAUTIFUL Nova Scotian highways which mean lots of lakes and rivers and trees and even Nerdfighteria Island! (Okay we didn’t drive across to the island but we did drive past it! Sidenote: Port Mouton Island was the most promising of all the options of islands for sale when there was active discussion of that on the Ning.) Evidence:

So that’s exciting. As we got closer to our destination of Shelburne, the road looked more like this and twisted through the country side. I love taking little vacations in rural areas:

We finally arrived at our destination, our friend Megan’s family’s home, which I WISH I had pictures of, the place is amazing; big old house with some other small buildings like a shed, a sauna, a garage (pictured below, yes thats in the garage back in January), a chicken coop and a big field for the cows. Across the road and through the woods are the old and new lumber mills, a pond, some tractors and generally highly photographable things 🙂

That is one of my favorite photos 🙂 Anyway, when we arrived Friday we started getting ready for Megan’s uncle’s big birthday bash, Burtfest, which had a Redneck theme, but her brother and a bunch of their friends went as ninjas. Also, SuperMonkey:

When we did get to the party, it was pretty epic. There is just too much to even explain so here is a brief photo summary:

The DJ:

The Flag: (Git-er-done!)

Megan’s Redneck Chic on the Redneck Red Carpet:

Basement Barbie:

Basement Britney:

Basement Barbie and Basement Britney:

We coerced Megan’s younger brother into losing his Jager Bomb virginty:

My first Penis Colada. As an initiation, I sat in the hot seat while everyone watched me drink from it:

Nova Scotian flag waving, sled lounging, straddle receiving…:

A flaming penis…colada:

At some point I was lei’d by Uncle Burt and acquired a BEER hat. Apparently it wasn’t too long after my Penis Colada initiation:

More Jagerbombs! It’s really only downhill from here (so downhill in fact, that it’s the last picture of the night):

The next morning began…well, lets just say at one point I played janitor to an unexpected mess of half a blueberry pancake on the grocery store bathroom floor. But after a rather lengthy recovery, we went to the LAKE (not my usual one):

The deck and sun and company was phenomenal. And it was here that the drinks started flowing once more. Leading to breaking the seal at the CUTEST OUTHOUSE EVAR:

But then went back to TANNING (yes! I got a tan!) on the dock. Who wouldn’t want to spend all day here:

Back at the house, there were constantly seven or eight hummingbirds at the feeder, unfortunately they’re hard to catch on my phone’s camera, but here are a few:

That evening, 2 of Megan’s friends from Toronto came to visit and so we went out into the pasture, laid down, and just waited for the cows to come check us out. They came right up to watch and sniff us. I’ve never been that close to cows before. Their sheer size really demands respect. As silly as it sounds, it was a humbling experience. That, and Jon looked comically at home:

That night was the street dance in town. They closed off the main street and set up a stage in front of the auto repair shop. They also served drinks out of a big bathtub full of ice and bottles. And had really fancy bathrooms (yes, that’s the stage in the background):

We made a cash stop at the bank and found these AMAZING business cards stacked on the window ledge. I draw your attention to the url:

That was the last pic of the night for me. There are some actual nice ones, including me looking badass shooting a giant rifle (at a can, on Megan’s property), but sadly, I don’t have them. We danced and chatted and went for pizza. The place was so over crowded with drunk people; it was just ridiculous. Particularly the one guy who wouldn’t stop going on about waiting for his pizza. I asked him to “Shut up, please.” But it didn’t work. he just started yelling at the cook that I told him to shut up. Hey, I said please!

Yesterday morning it was unfortunately time to come home. At least this time we didn’t have a snowstorm (last time we made that drive it was insane). The last thing I did before saying goodbye to Megan, of course, was to bid farewell to the lovely chickens that had free roam of the lawn, and coop, and gardens, and occasionally into the house. They were cute. And plentiful. About 48 in total, most of them young like these:

It was such a great weekend. I wish I could see these people more. They’re so kind and hilarious and even the photos can’t begin to explain how wonderful even the “dull” moments were; sitting around chatting, eating dinner, playing rock band in the shed, or washer toss in the back yard. It really makes me miss living in a place where I have close friends. I’m sure that someday I’ll be happy with where I am, but in the meantime, this sort of weekend is extra, extra special.

Also, if you’ve made it this far, you’re my FAVORITE. You win from me an imaginary prize of ANYTHING YOU WANT! What is it??



3 Responses to “Weekends in the sticks.”

  1. Mark Martin Fan 5 August 10, 2010 at 12:56 am #

    Looks like you had a amazing weekend Meg. The chickens are pretty adorable too there at the end. 🙂

  2. Lydia :) August 10, 2010 at 2:20 am #

    This makes me so happy MegStar. I spent the weekend with friends, too. There’s nothing like moving away to realize how much being with your friends feels like being at home. I am probably going to sappy blog about that at some point, but in the mean time I will look at these pictures and enjoy the happy feeling that comes from hanging out with and hugging the friends we love the most. AW.

    Also, rap = win.

    Also, chickens = adorable. Not at all like the 2,000 dirty chickens from the Tyson Chicken Farm. GROSS.

  3. Lucy August 10, 2010 at 6:01 am #

    This is my favourite one of all your blogs 🙂

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