The men who stare at goats.

13 Aug

Oh wow. I just typed that in as the title because I’m slightly drunk and just watched the film, then thought “wasn’t there something else I was going to post?” and humorously, the title is still relevant 😛

RIGHT. Food.

Only one pic today, breakfast was a low-fat blueberry muffin, lunch was a lemon tofu stir fry (no dinner today, but some beers :P):

If you haven’t seen The Men Who Stare At Goats, I recommend it. Which is saying something because I don’t generally ever enjoy, let alone recommend films having anything to do with the military. But it’s not your typical war film and I love the message and the ideas and the humor (oh my god, it’s intelligently funny:]) and I won’t say any more because I don’t want to spoil it. Just watch it.

In other goat-y news, I was rather amused by the following BlackBerry Messenger conversation from yesterday and thought I’d share. Randall was scraping and scrubbing in preparation for painting at the cottage:

Randall : I dun wanna scrub anymo’
Meg : Lolol
Meg : Pull a Tom Sawyer.
Randall : My hands are like zombie goast
Meg : Ew
Meg  : Wait
Meg : Was that zombie ghost or zombie goats???
Randall : Its a quote don’t worry I know how to spell ghost.
Meg  : Oh I know but now I’m LOSING it hinking about zombie goats!
Randall : Er a reference, not a quote.
Randall : LOLOLOL zombie goats are pretty hilarious.
Meg : Hahaha
Randall : “blllleeeeeeeeeeeeaaaagagggghhhhhhhhhhh”
Randall : Is how it would sound
Randall : LOL
Randall : LOL
Randall : LOL
Randall : Hahahhahaahahahahahahahaaha
Randall : “Zombie goats, move near the countrysides and you will be pets of John Freeman”.
Meg : Hahahahhaha!!
Meg : I wish this conversation was public.
Randall : Lol
Meg : Oh man. Its gonna be my blog post today

Randall and I have the best IMs. ❤

Until tomorrow!



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