Last minute BEDA!

17 Aug

OKAY 15 minutes of today left to make a post!

Return of the food pics!:

Veggie/grain burger with salsa/ketchup on whole grain toast, mixed veggies, and homemade baked sweet potato fries! I know it looks gross but SO GOOD!

Okay I got distracted with skype and Eliza Dushku (new star of my desktop 😛 ) and now I have 10 minutes left haha. I don’t really have anything to say. I jsut got off a 2 or 3 hour skype call with Chelsea and she suggested a stream of consciousness ramble so that’s basically what you’re getting here. I bet you’re STOKED you decided to read this.

OH, I know!

Okay so if you’re reading this (not you Chelsea) I ned your help! I need short little audio clips ( recordings are just fin, and you can just sign in on it with your Twitter account) of you saying random nerdy things. A word, a phrase, a short sentence. Doesn’t have to be nerdfighter specific or even epically geeky or anything, but I need some clips haha. If you could do this for me I would be very very thankful 🙂 Send the clips or links to your boos (LOL) to

Dear Lucy,

I enjoy that you don’t sleep. It means you are always around for me to chat with. But it also means that I now only have 2 minutes to post this blog haha. It’s okay, you’re forgiven. And what was that about #hotnerdsexy and body paint? ;P -Meg xx

So! That being said, I guess I better get to posting! Ooh but one last thing! Ah, never mind, I’ll blog it tomorrow! 🙂

Until then!



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