What a day.

21 Aug

Bar last night = awesome dancing happy fun times = slowish start this morning.

Had to run a million errands, make lunch, then get Randall to work. The directions he was given were wrong and we couldn’t find the place. Then we got a flat. In the middle of nowhere. Thankfully, a bunch of his coworkers went by and played pit crew. I was just very embarrassed to the that girl who couldn’t change a tire. At least now I know how, right? Right?? I mean, I’ve only been driving for seven years… :s

So. Ran a million more errands on the way home from taking Randall to work, dyed my hair, and now I have 2 hours to pack everything for England and clean my apartment before I have to leave to pick Randall up from work and head out to the cottage when he’s off at midnight.

Sorry for another shit post. I’m just out of time and I refuse to fail at BEDA. Tomorrow probably won’t be any better. But MONDAY should be 🙂

Until tomorrow!



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