23 Aug

Currently in line for Icelandair checkin. Departing Halifax in less than 2 hours. Just realized I’m flying into a 24 hour daylight zone. Another first. I’d make longer sentences but my brain is on kfdrhyugrefgrefu,!! mode. I hope my luggage isn’t too heavy. There are only 3 more groups ahead of me and 3 checking stations open. AND NOW I’M NEXT!!! Are you enjoying my thought process? I thought so. I hope my adapters work so I can EDIT on my layover. OMG I’M NEXT. Randall just finished the first shift at his new job and he’s on his way to see me off now. His mama drove me here. Because she’s awesome. OK. Checked in and luggage en route to Heathrow. Found a bench in the center of the airport and waiting for Randall. I hope he has money on him for parking. Nope. Good thing I do ;P Last few mins with Randy before I go through to my departure gate (picture below). Ok. Through security and waiting to depart. I’m excited but my earrings hurt. Ah. Better. Okay I’m getting properly excited now. Sorry this has been such a shit post. The adventure is just beginning so I hope to keep you up to date with the happenings and my observations over the next couple of weeks. Well my flight is about to board so I better get my things in order. Talk to you all later from ICELAND!

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One Response to “AHHHHH!!”

  1. Alicia August 24, 2010 at 8:02 pm #

    OMG!!! I hope that you have fun!!!

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