Reykjavik is a GHOST TOWN.

24 Aug

Seriously. You’ll see when I post a video. There is, like, NO ONE here.

It’s 1pm local time and I’ve been here since 5-something am local time. I depart for London in 3 hours and just thinking and typing this gives my butterflies of excitement and brings a smile to my face. SQUEEEE. It started out as a ROUGH morning. Just ask Chelsea. I was chatting with her and I was CRANKY. The food-selly places don’t accept pounds and I only had enough available on my Mastercard to buy a croissant and a soy latte, which was fine because that’s all I wanted for breakfast, and I got a free bottle of water, but that was a LONG time ago. I’ve been savoring the croissant. I still have a couple bites left. I decided I’d rather be a little bit hungry in the afternoon and buy something on the plane with the cash I have rather than exchange some of it at the little airport money-exchange booths with the ridiculous fees. It’s working out fine.

On the flight here I tried an Icelandic beer. “Gull”. I should have guessed by it’s name but it was not delicious. And I developed a migraine soon after. Coincidence? Methinks not. (The latte and croissant killed the migraine:]). I have no idea what the evening has in store. I kind of like it that way. Although one thing is for certain, it must involve food.

It’s been actually pretty relaxing being here alone and having quiet time and working on a few little things and THANK GOD I had enough credit to buy internet and my adapter works and everything. I mean, this is the sort of thing I did lots of days all summer only I felt stressed and guilty because I should have been working on, well, work. Right now there’s no guilt. No stress. And it’s just so relaxing. I already feel like I’ve had a vacation.

Well, I think I’m gonna work on making a transition of some sort for #hotnerdsexy  and it’s only about an hour and 40 minutes until I’m going to head up to my gate to wait for my boarding call. Then, LONDON, HO!

Until tomorrow!


From Iceland with love ❤


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