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A bit of metacognition, a little personal insight and reflection.

16 Nov

There are sporadic moments, when I’m able to make obscure and specific connections among ideas across subjects, that I get excited about my education–when I am able to use my personal prior knowledge to further insight or make connections between ideas that others might not have made, possibly ever–when I felt like some of those things I learned in the past would serve no purpose down the road. These moments are often too few and far between, but they are exciting and give me hope. I believe the sparsity of these moments speaks more about the frequently disconnected and disjointed education I am receiving than my ability to make connections. I have a great deal of confidence in my ability to form connections and create meaning–I think it is something I do quite well. Remembering this, and forcing myself to try to form connections, insight, and create meaning when perhaps none was intended can only help me to value and be more hopeful about, and satisfied with, my education.
(I’m too brilliant to let this opportunity go to waste because of factors as trivial as unthoughtful professors and irrelevant material.)


Been a while. B/vlogging plans, perhaps?

7 Nov

So winter break is coming. I’m planning on doing a 12 Days of Christmas vlog project to revive hypedragon but I wanna revive the Megologue too. Perhaps I shall post some of the ridiculous things that I know I will witness over the holidays. There are no shortage of holiday nutzos.
We shall see, we shall see!

Cheers! xx

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