If you ever wanna piss me off…

6 Feb

An excerpt from Judy Blume’s intro to her anthology Places I Never Meant to Be: Original Stories by Censored Writers:

In that decade I wrote thirteen other books: eleven for young readers, 0ne for teenagers, and one for adults. My publishers were protective of me during those years and didn’t necessarily share negative comments about my work. They believed if I didn’t know some individuals were upset by my books, I wouldn’t be intimidated.

Of course, they couldn’t keep the occasional anecdote from reaching me: the mother who admitted she’d cut two pages out of Then Again, Maybe I Won’t rather than allow her almost thirteen-year-old son to read about wet dreams. Or the young librarian who’d been instructed by her male principal to keep Deenie off the shelf because in the book, Deenie masturbates. “It would be different if it were about a boy,” he’d told her. “That would be normal.”

That last sentence. RAAARRRRGGGHHH! RAGE!!!! Seriously. SERIOUSLY? Urrrrgh. If I had more time to write right now I’d go off on one, but lucky for you I have 20 hours of work to get done in the next 5.

In other news, I have a two week break coming up in which I plan to start a writing prompt/fiction quick write regime, so perhaps this blog won’t be so neglected then. We shall see, we shall see!



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