April showers?

4 Apr

As difficult as it’s going to be to post a blog every day this month, due to my hectic schedule IRL, I’m looking forward to documenting the month of April, 2011.  I’ve got two weeks left of practicum, which has been the most difficult and challenging thing I’ve experienced in my life up until now, then I’m possibly driving to Richmond then Orlando with my mom (who is NOT your ideal passenger), and finally pinning down a summer job that will allow me to save enough money to move to England in the fall to teach (oh yeah, I suppose I’ll be getting my stuff in line for that too).

That being said, April 2011 will be a trying month and most likely an emotional shit show.

Right now, I’m mustering up all the motivation I can to continue giving my all for the last two weeks of practicum. I am so over lesson planning at this point. I just want to assign projects, give the students the class periods to work on them, and just conference with them to guide them. In an ideal world, that would work. I’d provide a task that would allow them to develop important skills in planning, goal-setting, critical thinking, purposeful writing, design, etc. and then let them go to it, with my role being that of mentor. I’ve provided these tasks, I’ve designed assignments that will teach them these important skills, but unfortunately I have to provide more structure. Break things down into structured one-hour periods, assign number values to things, mark and evaluate them, do the usual song and dance at the beginning, middle, and end of class periods, because if I don’t, then a) it will look like I’m not doing my job (and when you’re a student teacher, it’s unfortunately all about what it looks like on the surface in many cases), and b) my students are not used to any other kind of working situation, so giving them the responsibility of using “the next x days” to accomplish something just leads to most of them wasting time and leaving everything to the last minute. I don’t blame them for that, they’ve been trained on worksheets and tests.

Well. I didn’t really mean to end up there. But on a related note, the next 12 days or so might involve me ranting, complaining or at the very least talking about practicum and teaching. I’ll try to keep it brief, as I know it’s very much an in-my-head thing that is not only difficult to translate but also deeply uninteresting for non-inhabitants of my brain. Perhaps I shall add a little disclaimer to such paragraphs. Yes. That will do.

So to get back on topic, I think it should be an interesting month, and I’m happy I’ll be documenting it. I wish I’d designed a blogging unit or ongoing project earlier in my practicum. I think it would have been fun. Freedom Writers à la 2011. Perhaps next year if I have a full-time position en Angleterre.

Until tomorrow, kittens!


Note: I actually wrote this yesterday. Look at me go! Rockin’ BEDA!


4 Responses to “April showers?”

  1. Sam April 4, 2011 at 12:18 pm #

    Are you and your mum going to a Theme park in Orlando or to visit family?

    • megnorris April 4, 2011 at 12:56 pm #

      We would be visiting family in Richmond, Virginia, then spending a week at our condo time-share in Orlando for some R&R. We’ve been to all the parks half a dozen times or more, so we don’t really care to go this time, but if we go to Florida, I’m finding nerdfighters to go to the Harry Potter park with me. I haven’t been to FL since it opened. 😛

  2. Allison April 5, 2011 at 5:22 pm #

    Haha my fav line is ” aprons going to be an emotional shit show.” AMEN TO THAT SISTER!
    Even though I don’t have to go through your practicum hell, schools hellish enough as it is. It’s more like the devils doorstep. Well meg, I wish you good luck on your finishing practicum and I love reading these everyday. 🙂
    Love ya! Allison:)

  3. Lydia :) April 6, 2011 at 11:10 pm #

    I love hearing about practicum!! I really do. Especially thinking back on the high school classes I had student teachers in (that is the most awkward phrasing EVER. sorry.) it’s really interesting to see, or hear about, things from the other side.

    We’re almost there! POWER ON! 😀

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