Stressed and excited.

5 Apr

I’m finally on the final stretch of practicum. I’m done in a week and two days. That is eight school days. Nine periods with one class, and ten with the other. Not that I’m counting down or anything.

This is obviously awesome, although it’s making me feel a little stressed. It’s perhaps a milder version of what teachers feel at the end of a semester or school year, and trying to gauge what can be covered in the time left, or if there is time to get everything finished before the end.

It’s kind of funny because with one of my classes I’m worried they won’t be able to finish–largely due to their in-class work ethic, and in another I’m worried that the same plan will be done too soon because they work so quickly. Blahh. Oh well, at this point, I’m not going to let a few potentially thrown-together classes drag me down.

In other news, a friend of mine is teaching at a high school outside of town and she’s helping choreograph their school musical–Dr. Horrible’s Sing-A-Long Blog!! The performances are Thursday to Saturday next week and I’m so pumped to go see it 🙂 I’ll go the day after I finish practicum, the Saturday, and frig I’m excited 🙂 (If any Halifax friends are reading this, it’s at JL Ilsley in Spryfield at 7:30 April 14-16 for $6).

Seeing as I’m stressing about running out of time, I suppose I should get to the giant stack of marking I have to do. Sadly, I’m all out of beer.


OH, I forgot! Haha, I made a silly little cartoon because I wanted to try out the GoAnimate site to compare to Xtranormal (Xtranormal wins, imo), and the cartoon is of a typical moment in one class of mine in particular :P. The text-to-speech kinda fails, but meh.


3 Responses to “Stressed and excited.”

  1. Jo April 5, 2011 at 10:11 pm #

    Hey there, I’m correcting the English teacher’s spelling. I got so excited I’m all thumbs typing this, lol
    gauge…. not guage

    You have to tell your mom I corrected your spelling. Of course I know that you know how to spell it and it was more a typo than a spelling mistake, but hey, I’m still counting it, lol

  2. Lydia :) April 6, 2011 at 11:18 pm #

    So close!!! I believe in you! I’m excited for the moment when you can just let out a giant breath, step into the sunshine and enjoy the weightlessness of freedom.

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