Oh, this place.

6 Apr

This morning when  was getting ready for school, I was feeling kind of lazy and my hair just happened to look kind of nice in the bun I threw it in to wash my face, so I just tweaked it a but and left it. I also discovered I was out of eyeliner, so I didn’t use any. Last period:

Student 1: Miss Norris, are you okay today? You seem a little down or depressed or something. Is everything okay?

Me: Well, I had a bit of a doozy of a class before this one so I’m just a little frazzled.

Student 1: No, even this morning… you seem a little off, I was just concerned.

Student 2: Yeah! Your eye-makeup isn’t as…um… intense?

Student 1: And your hair is just thrown up like that.

Me: I was lazy. I was also out of eyeliner. C’est tout.

Both students: Oh, okay good! We just wanted to make sure you’re okay. Etc.

Yep. That really happened. I bought new eyeliner on my way home from school today.

Tomorrow is the last day that my supervisor comes to evaluate me. She specifically chose tomorrow because she wanted to see the videos and presentations I got my students to make, which are being presented tomorrow. If they upload them to youtube, maybe I’ll link some later.

It’s kind of relieving because it means I won’t be doing too much of the teacher song-and-dance other than setting things up and giving them instructions on the kickass peer-feedback form I created. She’s also meeting with me to discuss things after school with another one of the student teachers instead of one-on-one. Unfortunately, I know she won’t care that someone else is there if she wants to totally ream me out on something 😛

It’s really blowing my mind that I only have 7-10 class periods left with each of my classes. I’m friggin’ pumped.

Okay, time to tackle the 9 essays I have left and get a good sleep. I need to get my mentor teacher’s advice on how I should follow up a rude, defiant student from this afternoon.

Until tomorrow!



3 Responses to “Oh, this place.”

  1. Lydia :) April 6, 2011 at 11:23 pm #

    *SIGH* I know I seem to harp on ceaselessly about makeup and society… but I hate that skipping eyeliner makes you ill, odd and weird. Like you’re not even a human being without makeup. I hate it.

    I love presentation days! I hope nobody is a nervous presenter. Once, in seventh grade, a girl in my class stood up to present and started shaking and crying. It was so sad.

    I would be such a bad teacher. Whenever a kid was rude to me, I’d either punch them in their face (fired!) or sit around and cry (ineffective!).

    • megnorris April 6, 2011 at 11:28 pm #

      Haha, they didn’t mean that it was bad that I wasn’t wearing eyeliner, just that it was unusual. And to be truthful, I always notice how tired I look when I’m not wearing eyeliner, haha. Gotta have something darker than the bags! 😛

  2. ChelseaIRL April 7, 2011 at 2:59 am #

    oh my god! i totally forgot how critical we were of our teachers! …and how shamelessly we asked them personal questions.

    *sigh* how do you do it, Meg?! i probably would have snapped at them and walked out long ago. XD

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