Unexpected employment.

8 Apr

No, I didn’t get a teaching job.

The other day my friend Nicole informed me that Elections Canada is still looking for people to work the polls for the upcoming election. I’ve never worked at the polls before but I figured I might as well apply; lord knows I need the money. This afternoon I got a phone call from Elections Canada asking me if I’d rather be “…the DRO (deputy returning officer) or a poll clerk. The person in charge, the a person who is responsible to the person in charge,” followed by, “Let me put it this way… it pays more to be a DRO.” I said I’d be okay with that responsibility, he said that’s what he was hoping to hear, and as an added perk, the polling station is literally in the building my bedroom widow looks out at (I’m leaving that typo just because the idea of me having a “bedroom widow” makes me chuckle).

So that’s a couple hundred dollars I wasn’t expecting. Sweet!

In other news, tomorrow is Randall’s birthday so tonight we’re heading out to his parents’ place for probably the weekend. Hopefully it will be relaxing even though I have to do a little bit of lesson planning and marking. Last week for lesson planning and teaching. Just one week to go. Holy. Shit.

A good friend of mine, Breagh, finished her practicum yesterday. She had a really unique and awesome experience at a small close-knit school in a rural community and it was really cool to hear about her practicum and catch up with her over coffee this afternoon. I’m sure you’ll hear more about her and see some pictures before summer is out. I’m one of her bridesmaids for her July wedding 🙂

Okay, time to go glitter glue some dollar store disposable wine glasses (some assembly required) and gaudify the most unclassy champagne I could find with ribbon, bows, butterflies and labels. What? Yesterday was Randall’s sister’s birthday. 😛

Until tomorrow!



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