Fun and foolish.

17 Apr

I had an awesome night last night. I also had a busy day leading up to last night which is why I didn’t have a chance to write yesterday. Whatever.

Yesterday I went shopping twice, got some new dresses, will be returning one or two, I just couldn’t decide at the store. I was sending Randall pictures of each one from the fitting room though, and his opinions were helpful 🙂

On my way home from the second shopping trip I must have just missed a bus because I had to wait 48 minutes for the next one, so I got home later than I was expecting and still had to make a few alterations to my outfit. It was quite a scene–half dressed, sitting cross-legged on the floor in tights and a bra, trying to make a clean enough cut of the thread to be able to thread my needle, with the three faultiest pairs of scissors I’ve ever seen, to finally shorten the straps of my tank-top, going through enough layers at some points where I had to use the floor to shove the needle through. </runonsentence> I was making us late and our drive was already here when I got in from the bus, so I put my my flat iron in Ran’s camera bag, shoved my makeup in my purse, grabbed some mock chicken nuggets for the road, and we were off on our evening adventure.

Our friend Geoff had made VIP reservations for us at an upscale bar in the private/bottle service lounge. He has a new girlfriend and it was a surprise for her. There were eight of us in all, a quiet booth overlooking the dance floor, great tunes, a hot server and a bottle of whiskey. We drank and danced and had silly conversations and it was just a really fun night. This morning, not so much. Ouf.

The view from my seat at the club last night.

On the bright side, the property manager was showing our apartment today to a family who is interested in moving in the month before our lease is up which would get us out at the end of August, when I plan to move anyway, and not have to pay September’s rent. As a bonus, because of this, I had to take my hungover ass and do some tidying. Bam. Things are looking much better.

I have a feeling that tomorrow will be an interesting day with seminar sessions at the university in the morning, a training session for my election job in the afternoon and parent-teacher meetings in the evening (and all this with my flat-iron still at my friend’s place 😦 ), so provided I don’t come home from that and immediately fall asleep, I’ll let you know how it goes.

Until then!


Oh, I almost forgot, check out the sweet bracelet I got for a $5 donation to a breast-cancer research org 🙂


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