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Condoms for all.

10 Dec

This morning I had to present some form of media construction in class. I opted to do a print ad because I knew it would take me the least amount of time. I started thinking about condom ads, and then looking them up online, and found ad after ad of more or less the same thing: Straight dude is the god to a slim, sexy, scantily clad, subservient female. There’s also the recurring theme of vulgarity which I will sum up in two images:

So, in typical Meg fashion, I get all annoyed that these advertisements seem to cater to the same dominant audience again and again (I mean honestly, why wouldn’t they cater to the biggest audience?), so I decided to create a condom ad of my own, with a bit of a different agenda and audience. It went over quite well with my class, so I thought I’d share it with you. 🙂

What do you think?


Because it turns me on.

5 Aug

Let’s be honest; you don’t have to be good-looking to OOZE sex appeal.

The other day I was having a conversation with some friends and it came up that I think Steven Tyler is sexy. If you don’t know who Steven Tyler is, he is Aerosmith’s front man:

This revelation of mine was met with lots of “gross!” and “wtf?” and “maybe his daughter” and I just thought “No way! He’s soooooo hot! I’d hit it”

Now, I can understand why he isn’t sexually appealing to a lot of people. He’s getting old, he has the biggest mouth I’ve ever seen, he kind of looks like a monkey and he dresses kind of like a lunatic (if you don’t appreciate rock stars ;P). Plus there’s the whole he’s-probably-slept-with-a-million-women-and-done-every-drug-known-to-man thing.

I. Don’t. Care. I think he’s just so, so damn sexy. And I’d be lying if I said he didn’t appear in Meg’s Fantasyland every now and then (hey Randall, are you wanting to vomit yet?).

But for me his sex appeal doesn’t come from his looks. I mean, he’s in GREAT shape, especially considering what he’s put himself through, for a 62 year old (click here for the proof!). But it’s definitely not the body in that last link that makes me go nom nom nom. It’s the whole package (rather unfortunate phrasing, but it’s staying ;P).

The confidence, the fashion, the songwriting, the performing (I HIGHLY recommend seeing them live. Holy. Shit.), the attitude, the dodgy history, the energy, the rapport, the WHOLE that is Steven Tyler is what I find absolutely, irresistibly sexy. I’m sure this isn’t a unique experience. I’m sure there are people that, in your opinion, drip sex appeal but aren’t necessarily good-looking in your eyes. Or maybe you’ve NEVER seen them but they’re just. so. sexy (Clive anyone? #sointriguing #mysteryishot #hotnerdsexy). Similarly, there are an infinite number people people I’ve seen that I find to be good-looking, but I don’t think they’re sexy at all (page three girls, anyone?).

This post isn’t really about Steven Tyler despite my fangirling over him. People will always say that there’s more to someone than looks, that’s obvious, and that there is more that they’re attracted to than looks, again confidence, humor, opinions, beliefs, intelligence, kindness, etc. all play a far more important role in attraction than the physical (unless you’re in the cast of the Jersey Shore–see yesterday’s post), but I don’t often hear people talking about how those attributes are sexually appealing.  Maybe I am just odd. Maybe other people aren’t sexually attracted to people without being attracted to their bodies. But I don’t think I’m alone in this.

How about I quit going on and on and just go lie in bed and listen to some Aerosmith hmm? Mkay.


More is more. Trust me.

8 Jun

So the other day I was having a conversation with friends about awkward situations and one of the first things brought up was watching a movie with your parents when, lo! on cometh the dreaded sex scene. Now, I have to wonder how often these scenes are elaborate enough to become awkward. Most movies that I would agree to watching with my parents that also have sex scenes really leave the majority to your imagination. This is usually how hollywood films present sex scenes because, well, they want to make money, and the higher the audience rating, the smaller the audience, the less money it can make.

Now, if I were watching a film with my parents and suddenly there was explicit sexual content, yes, that would be awkward, and I would probably pretend to be distracted by a thousand convenient texts and tweets, and read a funny one out loud so as to distract them as well. Sorry, tangent. Where was I? Right. Explicit sexual content in movies. There is an industry for this. A rather successful one. You may have heard of pornography. I’m about to educate you all, okay? Are you ready? Porn does not leave anything to the imagination. Whoa. I know. Shocker. Take a few minutes, grab a tea, you’ll be fine.

The movies are kind of a magical place. Wow, I really just said that. You’re following the characters, investing emotions into the story line, and being transported to a (usually) unrealistic depiction of the world. Now imagine they throw in some triple x. It just would not flow. I love porn as much as the next person, but it is not magical. In my opinion, not being explicit, and not putting it all out there is far sexier and even more arousing than pornographic material (although it may lead to a trip to the wank bank =P).  I think leaving something to the imagination is the key to sex appeal.

And that doesn’t just go for movies. I think where this comes into play the most is in female attire. It pisses me off SO MUCH when I see a teenager walking down the street with her midriff showing, a plunging neckline, and a skirt that most definitely does not meet the middle finger rule (sorry guys, the girls know what I’m talking about here). Every single time I see this happen, I want to pull the car over, get out, and start yelling “It’s girls like you that give women a bad reputation! So many brilliant women work hard at proving that there is more appeal to women than their ability to rack up attention, but noooo! You walk around looking like a whore and saying ‘Screw you, progressive women of thought, I’m going to settle for attracting neanderthals and perpetuating stereotypes!‘ Now unless you’re the next Erin Brokovich, go put some fucking clothes on and read some Wollstonecraft!”

Wow, sorry, I really didn’t mean to go off on one there. It just sort of happens. Randall has to hear this rant every time we drive by one of these girls. Sorry Ran, thanks for putting up with me, love you. In any case, what I would like to do after being pissed off at these girls, is teach them that they can be sexy without being so god damned indecent. That less is not more when it comes to clothing. Seriously. There’s an unwritten rule (okay it’s probably written a million times in fashion magazines somewhere) that you can show skin in one area and be sexy,but any more and you cross the line into slutty. For example, cleavage is okay (God is cleavage ok! ;] ) but add in midriff or a super-mini and… ugh. It doesn’t say “sexy” anymore, it just says “desperate”, “lack of self-esteem”, “nothing else to offer”, “flagrantly accessible.”

Basically, I like to have some things left to the imagination. Most of the time. Obviously there are times when porn is so the answer, I am human after all. But I don’t really think it’s sexy. It just, you know, appeals to the inner ape. Hinting at sexuality and being confident is far more appealing than flaunting a hot body or realistic sex-scenes. But maybe that’s just me.


PS – Thanks for continuing to put up with my observations, incomplete thought processes, and rants. Love you guys.

Nice avatar! *FAP FAP FAP*

3 Jun

As promised in yesterday’s post, today I shall delve into one of my as-of-yet unexplored blog categories: sex.

All morning I was trying to figure out what to write about for today’s post. I mean, obviously there is no shortage of things to write about relating to sex and sexuality, but a) I don’t want to write anything vulgar (today), b) I don’t want to make anyone uncomfortable (refer to previous parentheses), and c) where do you even begin?

I thought that perhaps, this being my first time posting in this category, that writing about first times might be appropriate and rather humorous. I mean, there are a lot of hilarious and embarrassing things to talk about when it comes to losing your virginity. But then, as I was waiting for my bus and contemplating this, the song Do You Wanna Date My Avatar by Felicia Day and the cast of The Guild came on my iPod. Note: If you do not know what I am talking about, I encourage you to explore those links. Otherwise, friends off.

That said, my response was, “Why yes, Felicia, I would date your avatar. Codex is HOT!” But I then realized I was referring to Felicia Day dressed as Codex. Not Codex herself. Did this post just get really nerdy? In any case, that got me thinking, there really are a lot of people who are sexually attracted to avatars. And I don’t mean in the stigmatic and perverted way that these people are portrayed through stereotypes and reputation. I mean in the sense that they can be playing their MMOs, encounter a digitized version of archetypal hotness and, well, get off.

I should point out that I am not trying to make fun of this, say that it’s weird, or that I am above it. If you know me, you know that I am all for free sexuality. Ok, now that that’s out of the way, where was I? Oh, right. Avatar fetish. I started thinking about this, and the sheer level of accessibility and vast array of options and customizability that come with this kink. You can create anything you desire, you can be dominating, you can be a voyeur, you never have to search for a partner, well, unless you wanted to, and you don’t even need to keep a stash of paraphernalia and cleaning solutions tucked away in the closet (or bathroom, or coffee table…). Sounds pretty awesome to me.

Ok so you don’t have the same intimate emotional connection as with humans, in most cases. And there are no smoke-n-spoon follow-ups. Or a ton of other things, really. But I asked myself, is this a fetish of desperation? Or enlightenment? Sure, you might have the folks who can’t find and IRL mate and indulge on an exclusive diet of porn and erotic RPGs (which I am not discounting, btw), but seriously, no awkward mornings, no embarrassing surprises, no TFLN moments. No setting yourself up for disappointment (if your avatar turns you down, you’ve got serious issues at hand ;] ). I think perhaps that the wisdom of these enlightened individuals has been prejudicially overlooked.

Ha. I just remembered watching an episode of The Twilight Zone (circa Forest Whitaker) where a man gets caught up between the dimensions of a virtual reality video game, and its rather sultry and seductive female lead, and his real life. Lol.

On that note, let’s all go attempt to seduce the ever-libidinous Ariane, shall we?

Ta-ta 😉

PS – Leave your love, comments, disagreements, and quirks below 🙂

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